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Lug type air expansion shaft

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Air shaft as an independent design spare part,  it can be made with 1"~12" and length can be customized as need. Normally, it can be divided into lug type air shaft, strip type air shaft and bladder type air shaft three modes. Air expansion shaft is also called pneumatic expansion shaft, it is a regular winding and unwinding shaft for paper, coating, printing and other industries.

For the lug type expansion shaft, it is full of steel or rubber keys in the shaft body. It can be made with steel and aluminum material as different loading and carry requirement.

Air expansion shaft working theory:

Air expansion shaft is through compressed air for expansion and shrinking. After inputting air source, convax keys in the shaft body will expanded out and make shaft diameter larger; when releasing air source from air nipple, keys shrinked back. 

Air expansion shaft advantage:

1. Fast air input and release. Paper core griped and released only needs 3s. It doesn't need to disassemble any spare parts for paper core loading and unloading.
2. Easy loading and movement. Through inputting and releasing air source, paper core can be moved at any place of shaft as needed.
3. Heavy loading weight. Shaft diameter can be customized as different customers' need. High strength steel is also available for heavier loading.
4. Economic and high efficiency. The shaft is special design, it is suitable for thick, thin, wide, narrow and other specification paper cores.
5. Simple maintance and long service life. Air shaft is a single part, each of its spare parts have regular specification, it is changeable.

Below is the detail technical data of this lug type expansion shaft:


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