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NAB air shaft disc brake

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NAB air shaft disc brake is a standard and regular friction brake. It is suitable for shaft mounted, through friction pads touch friction plates to make rotating shaft stopped. The top friction fan is good for friction heat dissipation.

Two cut friction pads is easy for replaceable, just loose screws on the plate is enough. There are some models of this air disc brake, like NAB-2, NAB-5, NAB-10, NAB-20, NAB-40, NAB-65. Its braking force is from 20N.m to 636N.m.

BSB air brake

NAB air shaft disc brake characters:

1. Braking stable
Braking stable and smooth via adjust air pressure.
2.Mostly suitable for quite frequent sliding movement and high frequency usage
Perfect heat dissipation, it can be used in high frequency, high load, and sliding movement.
3.Wide adjustable range of torque
It can adjust torque in wide range according to air pressure adjustment.
4.Long service life and easy replacement of friction plate
Thicker friction plate, little abrasion and long service life. And when replace, it works without changing
anything of the mechanical equipment.

NAB air shaft disc brake structure:

NAB10 pneumatic brake structure

NAB air shaft disc brake technical data:

NAB air friction brake




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