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HTP pneumatic tooth clutch

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HTP pneumatic tooth clutch description:

HTP pneumatic tooth clutch is composed of two pieces of tooth plates with teeth. These tooth plates are connected after inputting air source, it will not slippage, stable and durable.

HTP pneumatic tooth clutch function and characters:
1. High clutch torque, without slippage
Through tooth and tooth plate connection, small dimenson, without slippage and can transmit high torque.
2. Transmit stable clutch torque
No affected by installation error, torque is table independent of rotating quantity.
3. Easy installation
Integrated structure, it doesn't need to align tooth and tooth position.
4. Superior response performance
Tooth and tooth plates link and release in instant, no damage, long service life.
5. Wet and dry working situation both available.

HTP pneumatic tooth clutch model:


HTP pneumatic tooth clutch structure:

HTP air gear clutch

HTP pneumatic tooth clutch technical data:

CTHP pneumatic gear clutch

HTP pneumatic tooth clutch installation instruction:

1. Connect rotation
Air chamber and piston will be caused connect rotation by bearing, equipped air pressure pipe(oil pressure rubber hose) with joint can prevent it happening.
2. Precaution when installation clutch onto shaft
It is better to use professional tool to inflate hollow shaft tube when install clutch onto shaft, don't hit cylinder or other easy wearing parts.
3. Belt pulley and gear installation
When install belt pulley or gear onto clutch driving cover, try to make sure radial force center of belt pulley or gear is align with two unit of bearings loading center of driving cover. Excessive incline will influence clutch's service life.
4. Bearing lubrication
The trust ball bearing should be lubricated periodically. The period is between 1 to 6 months according to using occasion. Because the other bearings are sealed, there is no need to supply.
5. Avoid high load working
It is better to use double or triple safety factors when choose model, overload usage will reduce clutch service life.

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