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NAC pneumatic clutch matched NAB air brake usage situation

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NAC pneumatic clutch matched NAB air brake is popular applied for wind, unwind tension control situation. They are matched with air expanding shaft, safety chuck and other relevant transmission equipment for roller winding and unwinding. It is widely applied in packaging and printing, rubber and tire, wire and cable, etc.

NAC pneumatic clutch advantage:


Clutch torque can be adjusted via regulating air pressure widely. Take air pressure as power source, it will not produce electric spark; can be used in high frequence, high load and continous slippage hard working situation, it is also can be used as torque limiter. When linking, it can realise stable start, increase air pressure will reduce impact on the system. Good heat dissipation, less friction pads abrasion, long service life. Belt is also can be connected with clutch for power transmission, it is convenient for operater usage.

NAB air brake advantage:


      1. Adjust air pressure for stable braking;

      2. Perfect heat dissipation, applied in high frequency, high load working sitation, durable and idle is available;

      3. Regulate air pressure volume to adjust braking torque in widely;

      4. Thick friction pad design, less abrasion, long service life; 

      5. Friction pads can be replaced when keep mechanical equipment completely. 

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