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What kind of air shaft does Handong made?

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Air shaft is widely applied in winding and unwinding industry, shaft body can be made with steel or aluminum material as needed. Handong company is a professional manufacturer of air shaft with full experience, do you know how many kind of expanding shaft does Handong made?

In market, lug type air shaft, strip type air shaft and multi-bladder air shaft are used widely. They are applied as different working situation or working requirement.

  1. Lug type air shaft

There are some pieces of keys in the body of shaft, it is suitable for many kinds of working situation.

handong lug air shafts.jpg


    2. Strip type air shaft

This expanding shaft is through some whole strips expanding to grip paper core, its body is usually made with aluminum material.

Strip aluminum pneumatic shaft.jpg

    3. Multi-bladder air shaft

This bladder air shaft's key is rubber strip, it is usually applied in high precision working place.

Steel bladder air shaft 7.jpg

These air expansion shafts are widely used, such as packaging and printing machine, textile machine, slitting machine, coating machine and etc.

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