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What is a pneumatic jaw clutch?

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Pneumatic jaw clutch is a commonly used industrial transmission device that can operate at high speed when connected. Compared to traditional clutches, pneumatic jaw clutches have faster response speed, lower wear, and more reliable performance, making them widely used in many transmission devices.

The pneumatic jaw clutch is usually composed of gears, inner rings, outer rings, clutch plates, etc. Its working principle is to connect or block the inner and outer rings separately with the transmission shaft through an internal reversing mechanism, achieving flexible starting and fast speed change. Its characteristics are short response time, stable operation, and long service life.

Pneumatic jaw clutch

In addition, the special feature of the pneumatic jaw clutch lies in its jaw device. The tooth embedding device is composed of gear teeth, tooth embedding, spring claws, etc. By the action of air pressure on the spring claw, it is combined with the tooth insert, which is connected to the gear teeth. When the air pressure disappears, the spring retracts and the tooth insert disconnects from the gear teeth. Its tooth embedded structure can greatly improve the bearing capacity and transmission power of the clutch, and to a certain extent, improve the reliability and lifespan of the clutch.

The application of pneumatic jaw clutch is extensive, and it can be applied to various transmission devices, such as wind power generation, ships, air conditioning refrigeration equipment, bearing manufacturing machinery, metal processing machinery, etc. In these industry fields, pneumatic jaw clutches have withstood various harsh working environments, and their reliability and stability have been widely recognized.

In short, the pneumatic jaw clutch is a high-performance and highly reliable industrial transmission device, widely used in various transmission systems, providing important guarantees for industrial production.

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