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HABB normal braking spring applied air release brake

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HABB normal braking spring applied air release brake is controlled by spring, normally it is locked by springs. It is a kind of safe brake, which is used for long time locking/braking situation. 

HABB spring engaged air friction brake

This HABB spring applied air release brake is based on regular NAB air brake, their structure is very similar. Through its appearance, HABB brake is matched with an extra air cylinder at the bottom of brake, it will be moved forward and backward when air input and output. So when installation, it should be left a certain safe movement space for this air cylinder.

This is the detail technical data for this HABB spring engaged air release brake for your reference:


HABB air release friction brake

This Handong made HABB air brake can well replace Nexen TSE and HAC HDBB model spring engaged brake, it is widely applied for automatic production line, elevator, printing press, crusher, diverse safe machines, food machine, etc.

HABB spring engaged brake automatic production line

In this case, HABB taper pilot mounted friction brake is applied in automatic production line, it is fixed on a flange plate for installation easily.

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