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what is the structure of NAB air pilot brake?

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NAB air pilot brake is a kind of friction brake, it is through friction plate/pad and shaft attached lining disc connection for stopping. Details like this:

NAB brake structure.jpgNAB air shaft friction brake.jpg

This NAB-S, NAB-T air brake's working thoery like this:

NAB model brake relies on air pressure to brake, return springs to release. After supplying air pressure, piston pushes piston aircraft and friction plate move towards to and compressed shaft attached lining disc, disc and other rotating parts stopped, brake braked. After exhausting air pressure, piston aircraft and friction plate are separated with shaft attached lining disc by return springs, brake released.

It reduced heat generated from friction by cooling plate mounted on disc with hub. Friction plate is two-cut style, using screwdriver to take out head inside screw through hole of disc with hub, in order to replace friction plate.

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