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3 inch stepped mechanical chuck

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Stepped mechanical chuck combined the 3 inch and 6 inch mechanical chuck together. It is both suitable for 3 inch paper core and 6 inch paper core for working. This mechanical chuck can handle high weight, easy for maintain and core-friendly. It can reduce downtime and the risk of injury due to heavy lifting.

3 inch and 6 inch stepped mechanical chuck characters:
1. Doesn't need expensive and complex pipe, air and hydraulic system.
2. Economic maintenance cost.
3. Large touch size, will not damage paper core, prolong paper core service life.
4. Long working stroke, easy hold and grip paper core.
5. 3 inch and 6 inch can be exchanged easily.


Technical data of stepped mechaical chuck:

3 inch 6 inch stepped mechanical chuck

3 inch 6 inch stepped mechanical chuck application:

1. This mechanical chuck is widely applied for new energy, packing and printing machine, slitting machine, rewinder machine, lamination machine, coating machine and other winding and unwinding machine for coil material.
2. Customized is available, like surface, material and etc.
3. Various special working situation, like dust-free, corrosivity and high temperature and etc.

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